10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

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Here are the Top 10 Questions to Ask your Wedding Videographer

You’ve chosen your dream wedding videographer, and they are available for your wedding date! Result! So, what now?

There are a few things that are useful for you to ask at this stage to ensure that your wedding videographer is the best match for you. Here are my 10 top questions to ask your wedding videographer to ensure you choose one who is perfect for you!

1. Ask about their videography style

Every videographer will do things slightly differently, but it’s important to ensure that the videographer you’ve picked can produce the look and feel you are after for your big day.

Some videographers will prefer to shoot ‘candidly’, blending into the background to capture all of your moments candidly, whilst some will want to be all up in the action, encouraging your friends and family to release their wild sides.

There’s no right or wrong – it’s just about finding someone who’s style resonates with you. Your videographer should be able to provide you with a few keywords that represent their style. I personally shoot ‘documentary’, ‘candid’ and ‘cinematic’, and let your day unfold in front of the camera naturally.

I’d then recommend having a watch through some of their recent videos to ensure they’re way of capturing weddings is what you’re after!

2. What Packages Do They Offer?

As with videography style, each videographer will offer a slightly different variety of packages. It is worth knowing what you are hoping to gain from your wedding film and discuss this with your videographer to make sure you’re on the same page.

My standard package includes:

Highlights Film

A one-minute trailer sent soon after your wedding day ahead of the feature film.

Feature Film

An 8-12 minute cinematic film that captures the key moments from your day including audio snippets from your speeches and ceremony.

Drone Footage

I include drone footage with my wedding videography package. Not an add-on, not an extra! The only thing to mention here is that I’ll endeavour to use the drone for some fantastic venue shots but it’s both weather dependent, and if the venue pushes back, it’s generally better to not argue on this one!

I hold appropriate licenses and insurance for this too! More on insurance later on (yawn).

All Day Film Coverage

From bridal preparation (usually 2/3 hours before the ceremony) to approximately 30 minutes after the First Dance. But I am there as long as you need me to be, and we will discuss all of this beforehand! 

Professional Edit & Music Licensing

Full colour grading and music licensing to allow for online sharing.

You can of course then decide to add on extras including full speech and ceremony films and an extended documentary edit. However, these are purely optional and can be added on at any time, even after your wedding! Find out more about my wedding film package.

3. How Long Will They Be At The Wedding?

My wedding videography package includes all-day film coverage, which usually works out at 1.5 hours before the ceremony to catch bridal preparations until 20-30 minutes after your first dance. But it’s not set in stone how long I stay and I certainly, do not clock watch! I’ll stay until I have everything I need.

Brides are unlikely to want a videographer there any earlier than that, to give you a chance to wake up and be ready for the day! However, if you’d like me there earlier, I’m always happy to provide extra coverage as outlined in my additional extras on my pricing page. Similarly, if you’d like me to stay and catch a bit more of the party, I’m always happy to negotiate this too (though I can’t promise I won’t throw a few shapes on the dance floor!)

Bridal prep often takes priority, but if you are wanting Groom prep covered as well, this is often possible if the two preparation locations are in close enough proximity to each other. If this is logistically impossible, it might be worth considering a second videographer to capture both sets of footage if this is important to you. Just shout and I can organise this for you.

4. Where are They Travelling From?

Most videographers have some sort of agreement for travel costs over a certain amount of miles. This may include accommodation to be negotiated before and/or after the wedding day depending on the distance.

It’s important to remember that this will ensure that your videographer will be where you need them to be on your big day without the worry of traffic disruptions (or travel exhaustion!). 

I can discuss all of the ins and outs with you on a zoom call but in general terms, I’ll not need to charge any mileage costs within 60 miles of where I am, and generally a hotel is only needed if your wedding is a long way away or abroad!

I’m an Oxfordshire wedding videographer, but on the border of Buckinghamshire with great access to other local counties, but of course happy to travel further!

5. How Many Weddings do they do a Year?

The answer your videographer is generally not reflective of quality or ability, but it’s good to know how many weddings your videographer usually shoots per year. I generally stick to between 25-30 weddings per year as a loose rule.

This can give you a rough idea of their standard turnaround time for delivering your wedding film(s), which can be longer during peak wedding season (summer months).

If you are looking for a far quicker turnaround, perhaps consider using a videographer who advertises that they only take on a capped amount of weddings per year. This turnaround does usually come at a premium, so bear this in mind. I aim to have all of my films delivered to you within 3-6 weeks depending on the time of year.

6. Have they shot at your wedding venue before?

It’s good to know if your videographer has shot films at your venue before. If they are local, they may well have shot there multiple times, and have a good idea of some areas for beautiful footage that have worked successfully in the past.

However, there’s something really exciting about having a videographer who has never shot at your venue before too – a whole new scope for creativity and finding those stunning moments to capture! 

Sitting on the fence with this one… there’s no right or wrong answer!

7. How Many Cameras Do They Use?

A good thing to know if you’d like multiple angles and perspectives of your big day is how many cameras your chosen videographer will bring with them.

I personally bring two cameras (possibly three from 2023), one that is set up as a static camera to capture your ceremony and speeches, and then one that stays firmly in my hands for the entire day, capturing all of the special moments from cinematic angles.

8. Is your Videographer Insured?

While a little more on the boring side, it’s super important to ensure that your videographer is fully insured. I have £5m cover for public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance too. I can send these over to you once booked so they can be forwarded onto your venue.

9. When will you receive your wedding film(s)?

As mentioned above, it’s good to get an idea of your videographer’s turnaround for your films, which can depend hugely on the time of year and how many other weddings they shoot per year.

Your one-minute highlights film will be delivered to you soon after your big day, and your 8-10 minute feature film will be with you within 3-6 weeks of your wedding depending on the time of year.

This time period could be shorter or longer depending on what you choose to add on (full ceremony and speeches, or the documentary film edit) and the time of year.

10. Do you need to feed your videographer?

Lastly… We are always so grateful to be fed at weddings! I’ll always come prepared with emergency snacks but a supplier’s meal is very much appreciated but not a prerequisite.

Luckily I am allergic to absolutely nothing so anything is greatly received!

I hope you found this information somewhat useful! There’s so many other questions you may want to ask and no question is a stupid one, so please do just shout if you want to know the answer!

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