How Soon Do I Need to Book a Videographer Before My Wedding?

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When is best to book a Videographer for your wedding?

When you’re looking for the best suppliers for your wedding, you’re going to want to choose reputable businesses that offer fantastic services and end products to make your wedding both look great and run smoothly. The same absolutely applies to those who are looking to book a videographer for their wedding day.

As Soon As possible!

As wedding films are becoming increasingly popular, us videographers are getting busier year after year. It’s absolutely a fantastic position to be in and it’s a dream come true to be able to work with so many fantastic couples looking to capture their day on film.

However, the caveat to that is that our availability (especially during peak wedding season) becomes extremely limited. After all, each wedding videographer who gets booked is more often than not working solo, and so cannot do more than one wedding in one day! So once a date is taken, it’s taken.

A good rule of thumb is to book a videographer at least 12-24 months before your wedding day. However, I may still have late availability (which I’ll get into later in this journal entry) so please do get in touch regardless of how close your wedding date is.

As of writing this journal entry in January 2023, I have enquiries for 2025! I might pop back on and update the blog in a year to see if I need to change this timeframe!

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Create a Wedding Videographer Shortlist

To make your life easier when you’re looking to book a videographer for your wedding, make sure you create a shortlist of who you’d really love to work with.

You might break this down into style, budget, where they’re located or even if they use a drone or not. It’s ultimately entirely up to you, but it’s always best to draw up a list and get in touch as soon as possible!

What to Ask When Contacting Your Videographer

To make things easier for us when we receive your enquiry, please tell us as much information as possible! Even if you think it’s not necessary, it’s well worth noting it down anyway as it may be helpful, you never know.

In terms of what to ask so we can check our availability and suitability to shoot your wedding, the following will always help:

What To Include with Your Enquiry

  • Date of Your Wedding
  • Location/Address of Your Wedding Ceremony
  • Location/Address of Your Wedding Reception
  • Rough timings if you have them, e.g. is your ceremony really early, or later on? 
  • Anything unique that you have planned e.g. fireworks, sparklers, helicopter entrance… yep this does happen!
  • What you want from your wedding film. You can put anything here such as “I really want drone footage”, or “I really don’t want the film to feel posed” – it all helps!

Off the back of this, we will be able to respond with if we’re available and a suitable match for your wedding film needs.

To help with this, I’ve answered some key questions below for you, just in case you weren’t sure!

  • I include two films (a trailer and a feature film)
  • I include drone footage as part of my package*
  • I’m an Oxfordshire wedding videographer, but of course willing to travel! 
  • I always book a discovery call with all of my couples (unless you don’t want to) to go through everything before booking with me
  • I deliver your trailer within 1-2 weeks after your wedding**
  • I deliver your feature film within 8-12 weeks after your wedding**
  • I’m a nice guy, and get on with anyone and everyone – that’s couples, other wedding suppliers, and guests included!

*Weather and venue permitting, check out my pricing and package for more information!
**May vary at peak times

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Do Videographers Ever Have Late Availability?

OK, so in an ideal world of course booking a videographer sooner rather than later will help to guarantee good availability. However, circumstances change and plans change and you may want to look to add a wedding videographer to your wedding last minute.

Whilst we cannot guarantee our availability we don’t film weddings 365 days of the year! There may be a possibility we’re available, so please do get in touch as soon as you can to see if we can film your wedding.

Booking a videographer for a last minute winter wedding for example, will more often than not be easier to do than trying to book one for a summer wedding. 

Pay Your BOOKING FEE to Secure A Videographer!

Like the majority of reputable wedding suppliers, when you book a wedding videographer, you’ll also be required to pay a deposit to secure your date. This ensures your date is absolutely yours to keep, and no other couple can come in and steal it! 

Unfortunately, we’re not able to hold onto dates for couples for very long to ensure we’re not turning away other couples who may want to place their deposit. So once you’ve done your research and had a discovery call, please get the deposit paid! 

This isn’t to make things unfair on anyone, including you, myself, or the other couple who may have enquired about your date. By paying your deposit, you’re in and no worrying about your date being taken by someone else!

I hope you found this information somewhat useful! There’s so many other questions you may want to ask and no question is a stupid one, so please do just shout if you want to know the answer!

If you’d like to have a chat about your wedding day and videography requirements, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Please just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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