Is a Videographer Necessary for a Wedding?

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Thinking of getting a Wedding Videographer?

Planning a wedding should be fun! Yes they’re stressful too, but fun! There’s a lot to think about, and now you’re pondering the option of videography too, but you’re wondering… is a videographer is necessary for a wedding?

Will a wedding videographer really be worth the extra cost? You’ve already got your photographer sorted, so surely that’s enough, right? Well, of course, everyone is different, but I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why a wedding videographer might be one of the best investments in your wedding day!

Wedding Photography vs. Wedding Videography

You may be thinking that because you have your wedding photographer booked, why would you need another person with a camera there? They’ll just be in the way, right?

The first thing to understand about photography and videography is that they are very different in terms of how we work and shoot. Yes, we both have cameras and these days video cameras and photography cameras almost blend into one and look the same!

Now, whilst wedding photography is considered essential (which I agree it is) and creates stunning snapshots of your day, there is nothing like watching back and reliving your big day as if you are back there on the day by watching your wedding film.

A well-shot and edited wedding film can capture emotions and moments that you might have missed or want to be able to rewatch and share for the rest of your life!

Video is now more popular than ever. As technology develops and our online presence becomes more and more part of daily life, social platforms give us the ability to share and watch videos with ease.

Different Disciplines & Styles

I consider these two disciplines to be very different, and I see my job as a wedding videographer to be the opposite of a photographer.

I work on the premise that the camera captures your day from the view of a VIP guest, with an access all areas pass. Whether that be to bridal prep or front row seats to your first dance and vows. Often known as ‘documentary’ or ‘story-led’ the shots I capture will be truly candid and natural, quite often so discreetly taken that you’ll wonder how it was even possible when you watch your wedding film back.  

As mentioned already, my style of videography is considered documentary-style, but cinematic too. My films are professionally shot, edited and colour graded, and my goal is to create special wedding films for all of my couples that they’ll cherish forever.

I am there to capture you and your loved ones in your most genuine, emotional moments, and form them into a short film for you.

Unplugged Ceremonies

Having a videographer also supports the shift towards unplugged ceremonies and wedding days. A great way to keep people off of their phones and live in the moment with you both.

Deciding to ask your guests to keep their phones away for your ceremony makes everyone so much more present. No one’s view gets blocked by a phone in their sight line, and no one’s will capture footage as effectively and in such high quality as a videographer!

Advancements in technology mean that the cameras and lenses I use mean I can be far enough away to capture all of the special moments and not get in the way. 

What Wedding Videography Packages Do You offer?

My wedding videography package offers you a 1-2 minute teaser soon after your wedding day, highlighting some of the key moments of your day ahead of the main film. This ‘highlight edit’ is perfect for online sharing, allowing your friends and family to relive or see for the first time your special day in stunning definition.

You’ll also then receive a 7-10 minute full feature film interwoven with the best bits of your speeches and ceremony and other audio taken throughout the day.

I’m there all day, from bridal prep to the first dance and beyond and include drone footage too (weather and venue restrictions dependant)!

A lifetime investment

When you’re wedding planning, you’ll have thought about so many elements to make your day special and unique to you. Some of these things will only be around for the day and then you’ll only remember them via a couple of pictures either from your photographer or guests taking their own.

The benefit of wedding videography is that you’ll have someone there to capture all of the special elements you’ve put together for your big day. Imagine being able to sit down with your children, and even grandchildren, and allow them to relive your wedding day with you time and time again. They’ll even be able to ask what a doughnut wall is… I highly recommend one of these, your wedding videographer loves doughnuts!

If you’re still not convinced, please get in touch and I can arrange a Zoom call with you. Let’s discuss how having me at your wedding will leave you with captured memories you will treasure for life!

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