Managing Wedding Day Stress

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Top Tips For Managing Wedding Day Stress

1. Don't Be Last To Get Your Hair & Makeup Done

This is more one for the brides, sorry grooms, I’ll get to you later! But this is one for managing wedding day stress early on. It’s something I have often seen happen during bridal preparations, which can cause unnecessary stress and timing issues for you, the bridal party and your suppliers too!

Of course, you don’t have to be the first to be ready our of your bridal party, but maybe try and be somewhere in the middle so you have a good hour or so before the ceremony starts. This will allow you to make any final adjustments to your dress, hair, make-up and also give you some time to take everything in. 

From the perspective of a wedding videographer too, it will give me time to get beautiful shots of you making those final adjustments and capturing the dress reveal to your father (if of course you’re doing that) without rushing to pack up before having to set off to set up and film your ceremony. 

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2. Do Your Speeches When It Suits You!

From talking to different couples and having filmed a lot of weddings, this tip is one of the most invaluable in terms of managing wedding day stress for those who are nervous about their speech.

Who said you have to do speeches after your wedding breakfast? All good venues will be more than happy to accommodate you doing speeches slightly differently. Of course, there are ways not to do speeches, which I will come onto shortly, but why not do your speeches before your wedding breakfast? 

By doing your speeches before your wedding breakfast, it will mean that you’re then able to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal and chat with your guests without having to worry about your impending speech! If you do your speech after the wedding breakfast, your appetite will come back too which will mean you can finish it all and have that extra drink later on, without worrying about being put to bed early!

It makes no odds to me as your videographer when you do your speeches and would of course love you to be able to be relaxed for your speeches so it comes across well during the day and in your wedding film too.

However, if you can avoid doing speeches between courses this will really help manage stress both for you as a couple and your videographer too! If you opt to do speeches between courses, there will be waiting staff moving around during your speeches collecting plates and cutlery, which makes for a stressful environment in which to do your speeches. It will also make it really difficult to both see and hear you during speeches as there will be clattering noises of dishes as they are collected and you may have people walk in shot too!

Of course, it’s your wedding and you should feel empowered to run the day as you wish, and as suppliers, we are there to make things happen. These are just tips to help!

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3. Take Some Time Out For Yourselves

OK, I admit, taking time out from your wedding day as a couple is easier said than done as a tip for managing wedding day stress. However, there are some ways in which I can help as your videographer.

You’re going to be inundated from minute one of your morning preparations until after your ceremony and drinks reception. It really is non-stop! However, your photographer and your wedding videographer will take you a short away from the hustle and bustle of your wedding venue to somewhere more private, romantic, and secluded for your couples portraits. 

It’s during this time, I like to make sure that you are relaxed and in a position where you can chat and be close to each other to take a breather from your day. I also won’t insist on this session being rushed at all, and the camera won’t be rolling constantly either. If you want five extra minutes after your photographer and videographer have finished, please just say and we will take a slow walk away with or without you back to the venue.

Use this precious time to catch up, talk to each others, and reset ready for your evening celebrations.

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4. Book Trusted Suppliers in Good Time

This is something you can do in the lead-up to your wedding to ensure that you can avoid any unnecessary stress on your wedding day itself. 

When you’re looking to choose suppliers for your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that they are reputable, professional (with a sprinkle of fun of course), courteous, and have good communication skills too!

If you feel like whoever you are trying to communicate with to book for your wedding day isn’t good at communicating with you, it might be a good time to think about having a look for another supplier.

Once you’ve found a supplier you’re happy with, make sure you secure their services as soon as possible. You’ll then be able to sit back and relax knowing that you’ve ticked something off your wedding planning list that will help you with managing wedding day stress.

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5. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

When it comes to managing wedding day stress, there will be certain things that are out of your control. Maybe the weather isn’t exactly how you dreamed it would be, or maybe a guest who RSVP’d ‘yes’ didn’t show up. These things are of course, very annoying, but anything and everything that can’t be immediately rectified may best be left until after your big day.

As your wedding videographer, things like the weather won’t have a huge impact and can actually make for something very atmospheric! Rain, wind, snow… it all looks great on film so we can absolutely use this to our advantage.

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I hope you found this information somewhat useful! There’s so many other questions you may want to ask and no question is a stupid one, so please do just shout if you want to know the answer!

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