Wedding Film Delivery | How are Your Films Sent?

wedding film delivery using easyflicks
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Wedding Film Delivery | A Key Part of My Process

Wedding film delivery is arguably the most exciting part of the wedding videography process for everyone involved. To make sure you have an experience that matches the quality of your wedding films, I have chosen an online delivery platform that has been built entirely bespoke to deliver wedding films.

Eazyflicks is Built For Wedding Film Delivery

One of the leading providers of a platform built entirely bespoke to cater for wedding film delivery is Eazyflicks. I’ve chosen Eazyflicks as the platform for wedding film delivery because it’s intuitive for couples to use, completely bespoke to an individual wedding, and environmentally friendly too.

Personalised Online Link

With Eazyflicks, you will receive your films via a personalised online link to your very own private hub. From here all of your films will be readily available in the highest quality to stream, download to your device, and even cast to your smart TV or dongle, such as an Amazon Fire Stick.

Your highlights trailer and feature film will both be available via your personalised link. If you have opted to add on your speeches and/or ceremony too, these will also be available to watch and download here too. Find out all about my wedding film package and pricing to get more of an understanding of what to expect if you were to choose me to be your wedding videographer.

A Bespoke Wedding Film Delivery Platform

Each and every wedding film delivery I make to my couples is entirely bespoke to them, from how the interface looks to how private their link is.

Some couples are happy for their bespoke link to be available to share with their friends and family without a password. However, if you would prefer a password to be added then that’s also absolutely fine too!

An Easy-to-Use Wedding Film Delivery Platform

When I was investigating wedding film delivery platforms, one of the most important factors for me was the ease of use both for me and my couples too. 

Eazyflicks provided me with the solution as the intuitive interface works across multiple devices, whether you’re on a phone, tablet, or computer, it will always look great and remain simple to use too.

Environmentally Friendly

Whilst I cannot and will not compromise when it comes to wedding film delivery, I wasn’t prepared to have a negative impact on the environment either. I also did not want to go down the route of offering physical USB sticks or DVDs as these are both dated in terms of technology, and their production and delivery to couples would have an impact on the environment.

By offering a bespoke, beautiful, online environment for my couples to view, share and download their films, I’m able to offer an environmentally friendly solution to wedding film delivery. 

Your Wedding Films Will Always Be Available

Another added benefit of Eazyflicks is that I have an account with unlimited space. This means that I am able to upload all of your films in the highest quality possible, and include all of your films including your speeches and ceremony too if you opted to add them on.

You’ll also never lose your wedding films as they will always be accessible online! 

I hope you found this information somewhat useful! There’s so many other questions you may want to ask and no question is a stupid one, so please do just shout if you want to know the answer!

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