What Happens at a Wedding?

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What Happens at a Wedding | A Visual Guide

As a wedding videographer, I always take the time to sit down with my couples during Zoom calls to discuss their wedding day and how videography integrates into it. I often get asked about what happens at a wedding, and how I capture these moments throughout the day.

I have created this infographic, which I have aptly named “What Happens at a Wedding | Visual Guide” to help couples visualise a typical wedding day. I have of course added in lots of top tips too and provided an insight into how, as a videographer, I will film and integrate throughout your big day.

what happens at a wedding infographic

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What Happens at a Wedding | Step By Step

A wedding day is formed of a tightly packed schedule, so here’s a reminder of what you can expect to happen! As your videographer, I’m there to capture each and every moment, from start to finish

1. Wedding Suppliers Arrive

In the morning, or even the night before, your suppliers will arrive to set up at your venue.

As your videographer, I will typically arrive 2-3 hours before the ceremony to capture your preparations & capture drone shots of the venue.

2. Morning Preparations

Your hair stylist(s) & make-up artist(s) will be with you & your wedding party early in the morning where you’re getting ready. I’ll also be there to capture all of these details on film!

Top tip: if you’re getting ready nearby to each other, I can capture both of your morning preparations!

3. Change Into Your Dress… And the Reveal!

Once your hair and make-up is done, you’ll get changed into your wedding dress! Finishing touches can then be applied to your hair and make-up, which is great for your photographer and videographer to capture.

Traditionally, you would then invite your father to see you in your wedding dress. You can of course do this with other members of your wedding party or another friend or family member if you’d prefer. This all looks fantastic in photos and on film!

4. Your Wedding Ceremony

As your videographer, I like to make sure I’m at your ceremony in good time to set up my cameras. I’ll liaise with you before your wedding to ensure I know who’s who and if I need to place a microphone on anyone too to capture them speaking during the ceremony.

Top tip: why not include a letter reading by someone from your wedding party, or another friend or family member? These make for some of the best audio to use in your wedding film!

5. Drinks Reception

Your drinks reception will typically take place immediately following your wedding ceremony & before your wedding breakfast.

It’s during this time I will be able to capture candid shots of guests interacting, laughing and all of little details you’ll miss during this time!

6. Group Photos & Couples Portraits

Group photos will be captured by your photographer and I, and will typically include the married couple, friends, and close family members.

We will then take you away for a short period for a relaxed photo and video session of just the two of you. This is a great time for you both to catch-up and take a breather from your day!

7. Your Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

You can opt to do your speeches before, during, or after your wedding breakfast, but this is entirely up to you! As your videographer, I will set up cameras and microphones appropriately to ensure that all angles are covered and good-quality audio is captured.

Top tip: Try to do your speeches before or after your wedding breakfast and not between courses! Between courses, plates are cleared making it noisy and disruptive for those doing the speeches, and for your videographer and photographer too! Brides.com have a fantastic article all about the best time to do wedding speeches, which is well worth a read!

8. Cutting of the Cake

The cutting of the cake is a lovely moment that is traditionally done after your wedding breakfast to begin your evening reception. But it is entirely up to you when you do it!

I like to capture the details of this moment, so have fun with it, feed each other if you like, just really embrace it!

9. Your First Dance

Your first dance is a special moment when you as newlyweds take to the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.

I will be there to capture this in full, often on more than one camera! But don’t worry, it’ll be captured candidly so you can both enjoy the moment.

10. Evening Reception & Dancing

our evening reception and dancing will take your wedding celebrations to new heights. Whether you’ve chosen a DJ or a band, or if you’ve got a photo booth or fireworks, it’s the time when everyone can relax, let loose, and party late into the evening.

As your videographer, I’m there to capture these moments and for me, it’s a great time to capture incredible footage of people dancing and enjoying themselves.

Top tip: JUST. HAVE. FUN!

I hope you found this information somewhat useful! There’s so many other questions you may want to ask and no question is a stupid one, so please do just shout if you want to know the answer!

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