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Fox Films has Entered the 2024 TWIA Awards!

I have taken the big step of entering Fox Films into The Wedding Industry Awards in the videographer category! I am hugely proud of the journey Fox Films has been on over the past few years and I am delighted to be able to see the business recognised at the wedding industry awards.

The wedding industry is a realm of enchantment, where love stories unfold and cherished moments are captured forever. It is a world where talented professionals strive to make each couple’s special day a magical experience. I am delighted to be able to showcase Fox Films in and amongst so many other fantastic wedding videographers and other wedding suppliers at The Wedding Industry Awards!

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Embracing the Wedding Industry Awards

The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) is a prestigious event that recognises the outstanding contributions of professionals across various categories in the wedding industry. From photographers and planners to caterers and videographers, TWIA celebrates the best of the best of this vibrant community.

By entering the wedding videographer category, my aim is to see the hard work and dedication put into Fox Films recognised by industry professionals. This in turn will boost my profile amongst couples who are looking for award winning wedding videographers for their big day.

Why Enter The Wedding Industry Awards?

Entering the Wedding Industry Awards is no small feat. Fox Films will face intense competition from other skilled videographers who excel in capturing the beauty and emotions of weddings. For me, it’s not about the competition and is more recognition of how far the business has come since it launched.

Filming weddings is truly one of the best jobs in the world, and I am humbled that not only do I get to do this for a living, but I also have the opportunity to be recognised amongst other great wedding suppliers in this fabulous industry.

Of course, to be able to say that I’ve entered is amazing enough, but to have the opportunity to win or be highly commended would just be a dream come true! Being recognised in The Wedding Industry Awards has far-reaching effects. It not only provides me with a huge confidence boost, but also solidifies my reputation as a wedding videographer in what may seem to many as a very saturated marketplace.

The Journey Ahead

The decision to enter The Wedding Industry Awards in an attempt to become an award-winning videographer is just the beginning of a very exciting journey here at Fox Films.

Regardless of the outcome, my participation in such a prestigious event will undoubtedly open doors to new opportunities and collaborations within the wedding industry too. Being amonst so many other creative individuals across the wedding industry will also inspire me to further refine my skills, experiment with innovative techniques, and continue crafting timeless memories for couples.

When and Where are The Wedding Industry Awards?

The Wedding Industry Awards take place over two events, regional and national. First up is the regional event of which there are eight across the country.

As I am based in Oxfordshire, I have been entered into the South Central regional awards. This will take place at Burningfold Manor on Wednesday 15th November 2023.

If I am successful in winning the South Central regional awards, I will be entered into the national awards, which take place at The Underglobe in London on Wednesday 24th January 2024.

I am so grateful to all of the couples I have worked with and will be working with throughout 2023 who I will be asking to vote for me at these awards. It means the world to me!

Stay tuned… 🏆?

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