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wedding videographer during speeches
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What is the difference between wedding videography and photography?

There are many key differences between wedding videography & photography. The obvious answer is that videographers produce moving images, whilst photographers deliver static images. However, there are many other differences between the two trades, which will help you understand why both are so important to book for your wedding day.

Different Shooting Styles

The shooting style of wedding videographers and photographers is often completely different. From how the camera is set up and used to lens choices to how you interact with the two different suppliers. 

A great example of this is during the part of the day when group shots take place. Wedding videography and photography at this point are, generally speaking, used in two completely different ways to document your big day. Where a photographer will work with you prior to your wedding to get a list of family members, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and friends you’d like in your group shots, your wedding videographer will generally work in a far more subtle, documentary way. At least, this is how I work during these sessions.

I personally feel that shooting the same exact shots your photographer is getting during group shots isn’t very interesting. It’s often quite static and time-pressured to ensure that all of your shots are taken before the next part of your day begins or the light disappears. So my approach is to take another step back, and document the process of what’s going on.

You will see me capturing the natural smiles, the laughter, the posing, the one guest that you know will be late to the photo. Essentially, all of the things that you won’t get picked up by photography alone. 

Capturing Your Speeches and Ceremony

Your speeches and ceremony are two parts of the day, which are completely different when it comes to how wedding videographers and photographers approach and capture them.

As your wedding videographer, I film your speeches in full on two or three different cameras. I also use discreet microphones to ensure that audio is properly captured so it sounds great too when it’s delivered to you. You will see me with one camera, often at the front getting nice, tight angles of you both, whilst one or two other cameras will be locked off on a tripod in a couple of different places to capture different angles.

Wedding photographers on the other hand will use one, possibly two cameras to capture certain parts of your ceremony and speeches. You will also see them moving around a little bit more to ensure they get the angles they need, whereas I am usually fairly static and only move a little to capture certain moments such as the exchange of your wedding rings.

Again, we’re both there to do the same job and capture your speeches and ceremony. However, our approach here as wedding videographers and photographers is completely different.

wedding videographer during speeches

Wedding Videography and Photography | The Deliverables

Wedding videographers and photographers will both deliver to you two very different things. Prior to your wedding, you will have decided on the deliverables from your wedding photographer, which could range from an online gallery to view and download your pictures to a physical photo album and even framed pictures too. 

Wedding videographers on the other hand will deliver you a wedding film (or multiple films) that will tell the story of your day in a succinctly edited, cinematic style that you can watch over and over again. In terms of the package I offer my couples, it includes two films, drone footage, all-day coverage, and much more. Take a look at the full details of the wedding videography package I offer.

Do I need a Wedding Videographer and Photographer?

Of course, this is entirely up to you based on your personality, style, budget, and what’s most important to you. However, you absolutely will not regret having both a wedding videographer and a photographer at your wedding. Hitched have written a great article on why you should hire a wedding videographer and it’s well worth the read!

I work closely with all of your suppliers, especially your wedding photographer to ensure that each and every element you want to be captured is taken care of. It really is a great way of having more eyes and ears on proceedings to ensure that nothing is missed from a videography or photography standpoint. 

If you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet, I have a list of the most fabulous, professional, and friendly photographers I work with often who I can send to you. Simply get in touch with me and I will send you a list. Of course, you’re more than welcome to choose another supplier as your wedding photographer, and I am always happy to work with whoever you choose and love to meet new suppliers too!

I hope you found this information somewhat useful! There’s so many other questions you may want to ask and no question is a stupid one, so please do just shout if you want to know the answer!

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